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My Secret on HOW TO Get Rid of Dark Spots

Hello friends welcome back to my channel and thank you so much for joining me today. I hope you guys are all having an awesome week it is Friday which means another video tip is coming your way. Now I would throw all of my bosom videos and kind went through all the comments to see what you guys want to watch on my channel so this topic came up quite a bit so I thought this would be a perfect video to film today. So today’s video is going to be on my five tips on how to get rid of, prevent and how to treat dark spots. So if you guys want to see what my tips are keep watching. So what exactly are dark spots? Well their common skin problem which is also called hyper pigmentation there are a few different kinds. They can be caused by UV rays from the sun, hormonal fluctuations and also can occur as a result of trauma of the skin like burns, acne or psoriasis.

Well now that we know what they are let’s see what we can do about them tip number one I’ve been using my ecoust H define scrub a lot recently and really love it, facial scrubs can help get rid of those dirt spots you suddenly notice maybe  you’ve had them for a month or two. Try exfoliating the area because it can help reduce the occurrence of dark spots. I just like to use a pee size amount and give my face a really good scrub and work my fingers in circular motions. Then I’m going to wipe my face clean with a warm towel. Next step using face peels can really help remove that top layer of skin I really like the Oley Hemrickson Lemon start fresh pill because you can really feel it working. It’s a professional strength peel that instantly evens out skin ton and dissolves dead skin. I like to skip on a little bit with my tangiers and apply a thin layer all over my face you have to make sure your face is completely dry when applying it and with this peel you have to wait about 10 minutes of the product to really do it’s magic and I just wipe my face clean with a warm towel.

If you’re more holistic and want a natural remedy take a slice of lemon and rub that over your dark spots. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then rinse off. Too really help instantly get rid of dark spots try using a wiping serum or whitening cream. I love using my Daltogi whitening essence instant dark spot eraser. I just dab a small amount and I apply it over any dark spots. And last but not least to prevent dark spots  caused by UV rays be sure to avoid sun exposure or wear a hat when it’s sunny outside and that’s a rap I hope you guys enjoyed this video and found some tips that you can use in your skin care routine to help treat those dark spots and if you guys haven’t done this already be sure to click on that subscribe button.

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