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How to get rid of eye folds on the inner corner?


I’m of Asian descent 21 years old. Now I want to get rid of these eye folds that are covering my inner corner when I pierce the skin between them they disappear and it looks better when I take a photo. I don’t like the eye folds because they ruin every good picture. Is there any way other than eye surgery? I just want to get rid of the folds.

Thank you for your question you state in your question that you are 21 years old and that you, the inner corner of your eyes bother you in a way that you feel ruined every picture. And in the photo you actually pinched the space between your nose, over the bridge of your nose to expose more of the inner corner. And you feel like that’s the goal and you want to clearly learn more about your options. Well I can certainly provide you with some guidance. I’m board certified cosmetic surgeon and fellowship trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Prior to seeing in Manhattan and long Island for over 20 years and Asian eye lid surgery is an area of expertise in my practice and we treat patients who come to us from around the world.

So when it comes to this question, first what you’re describing is a variation on an anatomic feature called an epicanthal fold and the classification of epicanthal fold determines the type surgical options that you can consider.

Now from a just a broad perspective I would say that your epicanthal fold is not as significant as people who have less of what’s called the Lacrima Lake or the area of the inner corner which is partially covered naturally by an epicanthal fold.

So when you expand the space over the space over the bridge of your nose by pinching the skin and you bring the corners in closer. I have to say that it was a little exaggerated  I’m sure you’re doing that on purpose to try to demonstrate what your desired outcome is. The basically there two ways to accomplish your goal, but you have to also be aware that there is a downside to both options.

First begin with pinching your nose you notice that when you elevate the bridge of your nose that more of the inner canthus can be seen. Now that means that an option that some people have taken is a Rhinoplasty where a material usually in this country is cartilage outside of this country people place very commonly silicone implants to raise the bridge of the nose and that can help balance things out. The other procedure is called epicanthoplasty. Now epicanthoplasty depending on the type of procedure with a type that I would consider on you would be a more considerate procedure is basically making a sedimentations around the epicanthal fold and it’s essentially movement of skin to allow exposure of the lacrima lake and that way elongate the width of the eye.

The reason that I’m hesitant is that on a 21 year old I would be concerned about the scars. And although it is routine to do a combination of epicanthoplasty with upper eye lid Asian buffet plasty. I would question it’s justifiable in your situation, there’ve been patients who’ve come to us where they really wanted that particular procedure and the initial process was a challenge, because after the procedure those scars can get a little thick. They may need some tender love and care TLC and some management and some after care but you have to think about the motivation are you willing to accept a certain risk for scars, compared to the way you appear.

And so I think that’s a very important detail and risk of the relative risk of scaring has some dependency on the type of skin you have. So I recommend you meet with doctors who perform  epicanthoplasty and learn about your options, but I would say that from the photo you submitted that enough of your Lacrima lake shows that I would probably dissuade you from pursuing surgery, because I think that extra millimeter or so that you could see of the inner corner is not going to justify the risk of scars. And I also think that from a subjective perspective that you may be over interpreting what you describe as ruining the pictures. And so I think learn more meet with doctors and learn about the options and the risk before you pursue any further or commit to having a procedure done. So I hope that was helpful I wash you the best of luck thank you for your question.

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