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How I Got Rid of My Acne in 2 Months

Hey guys its Amanda so today I’m going to be doing a skin care routine and talk about how I got rid of my acne. I know how it feels to struggle with acne I felt like nothing worked and that’s all people would look at and it makes you insecure to have that all over your face, because you don’t want people to only notice that about you, because if you been subscribed to me for a while then you would know like I struggled with acne a lot and then now my skin is really nice.

clear skin

I get break out every once in a while if I’m not making sure I take off my make up before I go to bed. But for the most part my skin is clear, so I just want to show you what I do to maintain it and how I got rid of my acne in the first place. So yes I’m going to just going to jump right into it.

To get rid of my acne I tried a lot of things I got facials extraction and I tried a wash every night. Just do a ton of things and nothing worked so I went to the dermatologist. So they subscribed me pills and creams to put on and it’s not Accutane or whatever that is because I know some people that used it and I know it’s really dangerous. But this isn’t like that and it worked for me so I’m going to tell you about it. So the pills that I took their called Monodox.

If you want to ask your dermatologist about it then you can mention this and see what they think about it, because every skin type is different and it might not work for you. It might work for you so just talk to them, so there’s cream that I use to and it was tretinoin cream. It looks like this it was kind of hard when I was trying to get rid of it because the pills made my face bloated and then. The creams dried it out so bad that even if I put moisturizer on it, it burned.

But in the end it was worth it, it was 2 and a half month of horribleness. But then now it’s actually gone and I don’t take special care of my skin right now and it still stays clear. So recommend it if you ask your dermatologist and it works for you, but what I did when I was struggling with the dry skin thumbed the creams and stuff. There was this benefit toning moisturizer.

That i used I would put that on and then I would put a moisturizer on top just so there was two layers of moisturizing and that really helped my skin a lot. So that’s what I did for a while these pills aren’t even gone, so it work really well for me. Also just making sure that take off your makeup before you go to bed and if you’re too lazy kind of like me because I don’t like to get up and splash water in my face when I’m super tired.

You can use a makeup wipe and they also have cleansing wipes too so I got thought these cleansing wipes were makeup wipes. And I rubbed it on my eye and it burned really bad because it’s not meant for gentle running eyes. It’s for cleaning your skin, so they have wipes like that too if you’re too lazy to do everything.

Using those wipes isn’t the best option but it’s better that being too lazy to wash your face. There’s also pads just after you take off you’re make up you can just scrub on you face and it gets the actual dirt out there’s some really good ones from first aid beauty.

I love that skid care line that’s basically what I use because it’s super gentle and it’s great for sensitive skin but it really cleans out your face. And I also like sometimes will use an eye cream the benefit eye cream, is really great that’s just to keep extra moisture around your eyes which is always great and then I have one thing that I like to do. This is the magical cream I didn’t know something like this could really exist.

So lancome actually sent this to me I definitely wouldn’t have found it and bought it, because it was kind of expensive like it’s actually really expensive but once I’ve used it, it was insane. I put it on before I went to bed my makeup looked flawless the entire day and as soon as I took my makeup off my skin still looked great and it’s just incredible. If you need that extra glow, lift in your face this is super great, maybe you’re going to get a smaller size or a sample or something it’s the absolute white aura. I think that’s how you would say that but just really nice, feels great on your skin and I can’t believe I didn’t even know what this was. I was sure I want to just put it one try it out and then I said why does my skin look so good and then I looked it up and I looked like up and I saw how pricey it was.

Maybe it’s this, so I realized that this is the best product in the world and it just instantly makes your face perfect, so you want to just splurge on something this is great. I just wanted to share it with you because I really feel like so intensely about it. It’s just incredible, so I had to say something.

I usually keep it simple just moisturizer. First day beauty is my favorite because its super gentle and they have a great line of products but also you can do some sort of scrub or exfoliate once a week or every once in a while. But you want something gentle just to get all the dirt and if you want and extra step to make it feel like your face is really clean then get some sort of toner pads that will get the extra stuff out.

That is basically my skin care routine, it’s pretty simple because I don’t do crazy things and it was honestly pretty simple when I got rid of my acne. I mean it took a while and it sucked because all of the things that came with taking the medication but after it all went away it stayed gone. So that was really great and I hope this helps you out so if you wanted to try something and everything else you’ve tried hasn’t worked. Definitely see the dermatologist and maybe ask him about the stuff that I mentioned. I hope you guys enjoyed.

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