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Full Incisional Double Eyelid (Blepharoplasty + Epicanthoplasty) 5 Months Update

Hi guys this about 5 months after surgery as you can see they look a lot more natural although you can still see some of the scaring, but I would say they look a lot better compared to a few months ago. I’m really happy with the results right now because my eyes look bigger and I think seven millimeter was the perfect width for me to choose and I hope it doesn’t go down anymore because if it gets any smaller I think that would be really sad.

Right now the width that I have I am really happy with and as you can see my inner corners still have a little bit of scaring it’s not too obvious with makeup but you can still see that it’s there. With any kind of inner corner procedure you will get a lot more scaring just because the skin over there is more delicate.

I opted for the incisional method because the last time when I had the non-incisional method it was very stable and over one year it decreased a lot to the point where you couldn’t see it anymore. So I decided I just want to get the full incisional method so that they would be more permanent and as you can see here with makeup it looks very natural and you can see my makeup a lot better and I really love the way that it looks now.

Before and After

I think Dr. Wholesome wave surgery did a great job I’m really happy with the results and I would recommend her to you guys if you wanted to get this procedure done as well. I’m not going to get into the details of this surgery because I have a blog post that I tried to include all of the information that you guys might have questions on, but if you have any additional questions.

You may comment below and I will try my best to answer them. But otherwise please visit my blog for the blog post and there you will find most of the information that you probably want to know about and again I’m really happy about the results right now and I hope you guys like it too. I’m really happy with it I’ll update you guys again in a few more months and hopefully they don’t get any smaller and by that time they develop a little better so I’ll see you guys again bye-bye.

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